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Tech How To is here to help everyone learn. Whether that comes in the form of coding samples, resource links or just blocks of text, THT wants to help you learn and grow as a person and a developer. The internet has given the author a lot of help throughout the years, and Tech How To is here to be that guiding voice to any young developer in need that he had when he knew relatively little.


Areas Tech How To hopes to cover

Tech How to will be taking a deep dive into Javascript Concepts that every developer should know as well as topics that may get a bit more advanced. This includes but is not limited to frontend and backend frameworks and coding samples.

General tips about developer life that might allow you to become a more effective developer, faster. Things we all wish we knew before we started out.

We will cover any technology info that the author can get their hands on. This will involve peripherals the author likes and will review, as well as applications or any outside info that the author has found useful.

A Tech Blog for Everyone