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Posted By: Justin Hurley|December 02, 2020Screenshot of Yelpers Application


This application interfaces with the Yelp API to allow users to search their favorite things to do in a location of their choosing. Users can create an account, sign in using those credentials and look at past reviews they've left on businesses.


Front End

Application uses Angular as the front end framework. Angular was the choice for this project as it mirrored an application I was building professionally and this was a great opportunity to try out new things that were immediately beneficial in my professional application. Foundation was chosen as the CSS framework/component library as it was my most familiar option. Looking back on this, I wish I went with Bootstrap or Material UI for Angular.

Back end

The Angular application interfaces with custom Node/Express application, which uses custom REST calls to interface with the Yelp Fusion API. The application uses generates and stores a JWT on login/signup that authenticates each route in the API to ensure that the user is qualified to hit a given route and that the user is who they say they are. All user data is stored in a PSQL database. The application itself is hosted on Heroku using Git deployments for version control.

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